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The Helix Nebula Initiative is a partnership between industry, space and science to establish a dynamic ecosystem, benefiting from open cloud services for the seamless integration of science into a business environment. Today, the partnership counts over 40 public and private partners.

ICT2015: PICSE networking session - Fast forward to the digital single market: procurement of cloud services, 21 October 2015 @2pm CET, Room 11


The acquisition of IT services is a key function in any organisation, public or private. Cloud computing means new ways of procuring services. In this session we’ll look at how the public sector and the research community can best procure cloud services and identify priorities for themselves and for policy makers.

  • Best practices for public research organisations and governments,
  • Open issues (e.g. how to write public tenders, and engage suppliers, etc.)
  • Innovative ways of purchasing cloud services (PCP, PPI, etc.).

Key objectives of the session:

  1. Identify common issues and understand how others have overcome them,
  2. Understand how/if innovative procurement instruments can improve procurement processes
  3. Define priorities to support the definition of a preliminary Roadmap to Procurement of cloud services which responds directly to the European Council’s call for a single market in cloud computing.

The session is for European public sector organisations, including governments, funding agencies, public research organisations and libraries. The session will also engage a wider audience through the parallel virtual networking session set up on LinkedIn.



The networking session will open with a lightning talk by the PICSE coordinator (Bob Jones, CERN) on scope and focus, followed by an overview of insights and results from the PICSE project. This will set the scene for an interactive panel discussion. Panellists will include thought leaders from key public sector organisations in Europe who will share their personal experiences and perspectives in procuring cloud services. The session will end with an open, interactive discussion with the audience. PICSE is keen to learn from participants’ experiences and opinions,and will seek to reach consensus on key points and chart an action plan for a follow-up workshop that PICSE will host in early 2016. In parallel, a virtual networking session on LinkedIn will collect views and expand the dissemination of defined actions. Snippets of the live discussion will be posted on twitter via periscope.


Expected outcome

The main outcome of the workshop will be a set of recommendations and an action plan for research organisations procuring cloud services. These outputs will feed into the final PICSE roadmap on procurement of cloud services for public research organisations. The workshop will also allow participants to:

-Share common issues and how they can be subdue

- Identify points to improve their internal procurement process

- Understand how they can use innovative procurement instruments.


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Helix Nebula is a new, pioneering partnership between leading IT providers and four of Europe’s biggest research centres, CERN, EMBL, ESA and PIC, charting a course towards sustainable cloud services for the research communities - the Science Cloud.