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Europe’s Leading Public-Private Partnership for Cloud

The Helix Nebula Initiative is a partnership between industry, space and science to establish a dynamic ecosystem, benefiting from open cloud services for the seamless integration of science into a business environment. Today, the partnership counts over 40 public and private partners.

Helix Nebula @ EGI Community Forum, 19-23 May 2014, Helsinki

Helix Nebula  attended the EGI Community Forum event in Helsinki on 19-23 May 2014. The EGI Community Forum 2014 was held at the Helsinki University Main Building in Helsinki, Finland between 19-23 May 2014. The event was be hosted by in partnership with the University of Helsinki and CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.

One of the Helix Nebula representatives at the event was Wolfgang Lengert, giving a presentation at session about "Supporting independance access to Information form Space". The key message was that the policy makers need "true" and unbiased information and that this can only be done if the transformation process of data to information is being performed on a federated cloud. Examples have been given related to Climate Change and the complexity in deriving "true" information in order for policy makers to take the right decisions (treaties and monitory of their implementation).

The Forum focused on the current and potential user communities that rely on EGI and will feature training events, demonstrations and a number of technical sessions and workshops. The discussions were aimed to help the community shape the future of EGI. The key themes for the d science gateways and workflows, the services of the EGI Federated Cloud, the development of Virtual Research Environments, and the technical roadmap needed to implement an integrated pan-European data infrastructure.

The conference also showcased how research infrastructures can make use of EGI grid and cloud solutions for data processing and management. For more information, please visit

The European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) supports 22,000 researchers working in multi-disciplinary science and delivers unprecedented data analysis capabilities to global collaborations.


Helix Nebula is a new, pioneering partnership between leading IT providers and four of Europe’s biggest research centres, CERN, EMBL, ESA and PIC, charting a course towards sustainable cloud services for the research communities - the Science Cloud.