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The law and economics of EU innovation procurement: lecture organized by the Corvers-MSM Chair, 20 March, Maastricht, Netherlands

Date: Monday, 20 March at 16:00
Place: Function Hall, Maastricht School of Management, Endepolsdomein 150, Maastricht

The event “Lecture organized by the Corvers-MSM Chair in Innovation Procurementwill take place the 20th March at 16:00 at the Maastricht School of Management in Maastricht, Netherlands by Professor Nicola Dimitri and Dr. Anne Rainville.
The meeting aims to provide an overview of the economic, legal and practical considerations behind the legal instruments designed by Europe to foster the innovation procurement.

The lecture will discuss pre-commercial procurement (PCP), which is an instrument that can encourage public procurers to purchase R&D services that would speed up or prompt the emergence of innovative solutions to public sector needs.

This lecture will also analyse public procurement of innovation (PPI), which designates the procurement of near to market solutions which have moved beyond the R&D stage, but have not been diffused on a commercial scale in the market .

Finally, the innovation partnership, introduced by the recent 2014 directive, will be investigated and compared with PCP and PPI.  Together, this will give an overview of public sector motivations for choosing between these demand-side innovation instruments, and key considerations in their execution. Best practices will be suggested through relevant case studies, highlighting the potential of  PCP, PPI, and the innovation partnership to help satisfy public demand while influencing markets.


16:00: Opening and welcome, Professor Wim Naudé, Dean of MSM
16:10 The Corvers Chair Initiative: an overview, Mr. Stephan Corvers, Managing Director, Corvers & Commercial Affairs
16:20 Lecture: The Law and Economics of EU Innovation Procurement, Professor Nicola Dimitri and Dr. Anne Rainville
17:20 Q&A
18:00 Networking and refreshments


Register here to attend the lecture. 

The event can be also followed online by joining the live-stream. For more information, click here


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