From cloud‐ACTIVE to cloud‐PRODUCTIVE event

14 May 2014, CERN Globe for Science and Innovation in Geneva, Switzerland

The event will focus on showcasing the Helix Nebula production platform, characterized by:

>> A hybrid & federated ‘science cloud’ integrated with commercial providers to create an open cloud services market;

>> A growing set of innovative flagships;

>> Future directions and roadmap of the overall Helix Nebula Initiative.


Attendance is free of charge, travel and lodging will be at the cost of participants.

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Helix Nebula-The Science Cloud launches its open-survey: Have your say!

Helix Nebula is conducting a survey to understand the general perception of the Helix Nebula initiative and to help us improve the way we inform people about its work.

Click here to run the survey.

It takes no longer than 4 minutes.


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Net-Cloud magazine gives you a glimpse of activities, policies and projects that have kept the European Commission busy throughout 2013 and that will continue to impact 2014 and H2020.

 Helix Nebula mentioned in the European Cloud Partnership steering board press  release along with their document “Establishing a Trusted Cloud Europe”.


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The Helix Nebula consortium organizes a high-level public event for the presentation of the Helix Nebula iniative on 14 May 2014 at the CERN locations in Switzerland.

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